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Get The Energy You Deserve With The Help Of A Wellness Coach In Groton, CT

If you live in Groton, CT, you can now get the help of a wellness coach. What does a wellness coach do? He or she helps you lose weight safely and teaches you the right foods to eat to keep it off permanently. Not only will you lose weight, you’ll gain energy as your body gets thinner and you get healthier.

When traditional diets end, many people find they gain back the weight they lost.

You’ll learn the foods that are right for your needs to keep your pounds from returning and sometimes bringing friends. It can be frustrating to watch the scales go right back where you started after a diet ends or even go higher. That’s called yo-yo dieting, where your weight comes off, but the minute you quit and go back to old eating habits, returns with a vengeance. It’s time to change that pattern and learn how to keep weight off permanently.

You’re not like your neighbor, aunt or sister.

No two people are alike. Each has different life experiences, food preferences, fitness goals and needs. That’s why no two people get the same benefits from a one-size-fits-all style diet. You may lose a pound or two from a diet your friend praised, but find the results come painfully slow. You need a diet that’s personalized and made specifically for you needs, so you lose weight faster and learn to keep it off permanently. A nutritional coach can help you do that.

You don’t have to suffer and eat food you hate or exotic food that’s expensive and difficult to find.

If you’ve ever tried dieting and were faced with eating food you absolutely hated, you understand how painful and depressing it can make each meal. You feel deprived and always hungry, since you can barely swallow the food the diet says you must eat. You need to be more versatile. What if your grocery was out of the food listed on your menu? You need a diet that allows you to substitute another food and one that lets you eat more easily at restaurants.

  • You need a program that helps you make the lifestyle changes necessary to keep weight off permanently. That’s why nutritional help is important and not at all like dieting. A diet always ends, changing habits doesn’t.
  • Do you have food allergies/intolerance, high blood pressure or diabetes? Traditional diets and diet programs often don’t consider those special needs. You should have a program that considers those factors, plus your weight loss goals and body composition.
  • Not only will you get the benefits of a healthier body and one that looks fabulous, you’ll watch your energy level grow as you feed your body the nutrients it needs to be its healthiest.
  • There’s no better time to start than now. Before you start any new diet, always check with your health care professional. Most of the time they wholeheartedly approve and even encourage you to do it.

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