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Medical Testimonials For Online Weight Loss


Dr. Stephen Fishman, M.D., OBGYN, Board Certified

Saint Francis Hospital

As a medical professional, I have seen may weight loss programs and products that have come and gone. Most are “quick fixes” or fads that are not made for the real world. At Rob Nevins Slim Nation the program is based upon sound and very effective nutritional principles. I have seen the program work with many of my patients on all levels. Not only have they been successful in losing weight, there are many measurable health benefits that can be associated with weight loss in conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and overall well-being. As a medical professional, I will continue to recommended Slim Nation to my patients with complete confidence.

Dr. Daniel B. Novak, M.D.

Middlesex Family Physicians/Prohealth Physicians

The principles of the SLIM NATION program are something ANYONE can do. I have seen the program work for everyone that I have sent to SLIM NATION. When my patients come back from a meeting with Rob or his coaches, they are excited. They begin to see results quickly and this is a great motivator. Rob’s coaches are enthusiastic and really help keep clients on the plan, and reach their goals.

Romely Ritoli, R.D., CD-N

I am a registered dietician whose philosophy of nutrition agrees with The SLIM NATION Program. I have worked at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center where I serviced cardiology, surgical, critical care units, diabetes and at DeQuattro Cancer Community Center in Manchester. I am a member of the American Dietetic Association, Connecticut Dietetic Association, and the American Diabetic Association.

The SLIM NATION Program is not a quick-fix program like many popular weight loss centers. Individuals who utilize these programs lose weight quickly and gain their weight back rapidly, plus additional weight once they leave these programs. If you go on a diet, eventually at some point you go off the diet. Since diets don’t encourage permanent changes, clients return to old habits and their old weight.

The SLIM NATION Program encourages gradual dietary and lifestyle changes that clients can stick with, not for a week, or one month, but for a lifetime, which is what it takes to lose weight and maintain that weight loss permanently. The power of The SLIM NATION Program lies in making small realistic changes over time.

I promote and endorse The SLIM NATION Program most of all because everyone is treated on an individual basis. Whether the client walks in the door with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or food allergies in conjunction with weight and body fat loss goals, people are assessed individually.

Dr. Kenneth Borkowski, DO

Obstetrics & Gynecology

As a medical physician, I find the SLIM NATION program to be very sound and true to real world eating. The program is easy to follow and uses only foods found in the local supermarket. I believe I this program and will continue to do so with complete confidence.

Dr. Michelle Taylor MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology | Wallingford, CT

Of all the patients I have sent to Rob Nevins and SLIM NATION, I have seen results in every one. What impresses me most about this plan is when I see patients a year or two later…and they have KEPT the weight OFF.

Trisha Ludwig, NP, RN, MSN

I have referred Rob Nevins and SLIM NATION to many individuals over the years and have seen it work with all of my patients. I will continue to send my patients, needing to lose weight, to SLIM NATION because it is honest and it is real. Like anything else, compliance is critical. I find it is easy to be compliant with the SLIM NATION program because it uses only foods that the client selects themselves, that are found in the grocery store. In addition to the physical transformation, the health benefits (i.e.: reduced blood pressure, controlled sugar levels, lower cholesterol) far outweigh the vanity aspect. Patients leave the program with a clear understanding of how to eat for a LIFETIME. In all my years of practice, I have never seen better results or an approach so fundamentally solid.

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