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How Does Holistic Nutrition Work?


Different sizes and body compositions dictate different foods, and different quantities of foods for different people.

It’s why every single one of our clients gets a customized meal plan, tailored to the exact nutritional needs of their body. After all – eating the right foods in the wrong quantities doesn’t mean you’re burning fat, it just means you made healthy choices. And just because certain foods are supposed to be good for you, doesn’t necessarily mean that they ARE good for you.

Let’s talk about those choices. The fact is, it doesn’t matter how much weight you’re losing, how much fat you’re burning, or how many sizes down you’re shrinking – if you don’t enjoy the foods, you’re not going to stick with it. No matter how well a plan is working for you, if there are foods that you do not like, you won’t continue to follow it.

Slim NationThat’s why we present every new client with a robust assortment of different kinds of foods. Your personalized, customized meal plan will be built from a list of foods that you pick and approve, and have been allocated based on your dietary needs. Don’t like a selection? No problem. Simply use the exchange list we provide to “exchange” one food on your plan for another that you like even better. Each food that is exchanged maintains a close nutritional composition to what has been changed, so you’ll always be on track.

Also, we take into consideration your busy lifestyle, so we can build a meal plan that works for your body, your taste buds, and your schedule. There’s no sense putting an omelette on your plan if all you have time for in the morning is a quick bowl of cereal!

How Rob Nevins’ Slim Nation works, in terms of your day-to-day life, it is very simple. Just as you can’t go to the gym and work the same body part 7 days a week, you also can’t try to aggressively burn fat 7 days a week – your body will adjust. So instead, Slim Nation will have you aggressively burn fat for 48 hours, and then you’ll back off for a day; we give your body a slightly higher amount of carbs on the third day. Then we go back to two days of fat-burning. The cycle simply repeats – it couldn’t be easier!

You’ll have a customized dynamic plan that works for you, with foods you like, and you can keep it fresh with a variety of foods as well as stategic treating!

We make following your plan as easy as can be.

One more way to be sure that, YOU CAN DO THIS!

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