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Get The Results You Want With The Help Of A Wellness Coach In New Haven, CT

Excess weight can increase the risk of many serious conditions, which is why more people than ever are weight conscious. Sometimes, just changing your diet can make the difference between taking blood pressure medication or not. People who are prediabetic or who have insulin resistance, understand that diet is extremely important. You can get the health benefits that dietary change offers, when you work with a wellness coach in New Haven, CT

Diets don’t work.

Most people try dieting. Either they simply cut calories by starving themselves or use a diet they found on the internet or one a family member gave them. The problem with both is that the diet doesn’t always meet your nutritional needs. It may work, but then you go back to old eating habits and put the weight back on that you lost and sometimes even more. In most cases, especially with a starvation diet, it can’t be used long term, so those few pounds are lost and then immediately regained.

Changing your eating habits is the only way to lose successfully.

A wellness coach doesn’t give you a diet, but helps you learn how to eat healthier and discover the best foods for your needs. You’re not like any other person and have different taste, nutritional needs and body composition. All those things need consideration to create a scientifically beneficial diet that can take weight off quickly and help keep it from returning.

If you don’t like the food, you won’t eat it.

If brussels sprouts aren’t your favorite, why should you be forced to eat them? There are other veggies that provide the same type of nutrition. If you’re on a diet that’s loaded with brussels sprouts, what are the chances you’ll stick with it very long? They’re not very big. Why not have a program that uses your present food preferences and builds around that? Doesn’t that make more sense. You’ll be more apt to stick with it and learn how to include the foods you enjoy for a healthier lifestyle.

  • A nutrition coach helps you make lifestyle changes and learn how to eat healthier. It will include small changes, such as eating brown rice instead of white rice or bigger ones, like substituting fruit for candy.
  • How you cook makes a difference and a nutritional coach will include the recipes you require to control the nutrients and calorie counts.
  • You’ll learn how to choose wisely when you eat at friends or in restaurants. For instance, you’ll learn to find food on the menu that’s healthier than other options, so you’ll still be consuming fewer calories than you otherwise would.
  • Isn’t it time to make a change today? You could feel better and look better, plus have better health when you use a nutrition coach to help you learn.

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